Selling Your Horse? Improve Your Photographs

The most important thing for a successful photo shoot of your horse is that he is “show ready.” This means that he is very well groomed and clipped neatly. This means that he is braided or has his mane pulled if appropriate. Your horse should be wearing clean leather tack and it’s a good idea to photograph your horse in a bridle instead of a halter because it looks much more elegant and gives you better control over the horse.

Web Design For Your Horse Business- Part II

We continue our interview with an equestrian web designer to discuss why a web presence is an essential part of any successful horse business.

What is important about being found by search engines? How would you go about doing this?

Web Design For Your Horse Business- Part I

The infinite expanse of the internet may seem intimidating at first, but the amount of exposure it can offer your horses and equine business is too good to pass up. A web presence is an essential part of any successful horse business.

A Day At the Auction – One Horse Owners Experience

I never thought I would see the things I was about to see. I never thought these things existed other than in tragic stories you read or see on the news. I just didn’t think it was “that bad.” I get worried when my beloved horses don’t get there nightly warm mash with vitamins, minerals, carrots, apples and a generous helping of grain.

Project Horses For Re-Sale

Every now and then we come across a great “deal” and figure we can take this horse and re-sell it! Whether it is a fun project horse for ourselves or a deal between two friends, here are a few factors when considering the project horse for re-sale as an option.

Tips for Creating A Good Horse Sale Video

With so many poorly filmed, taped and edited horse sale videos out there, make sure yours does not get tossed aside because the quality is so low that it turns your buyer off. A bad video makes for a bad impression of the horse no matter how cute he may be! Here are some great tips for creating a horse sale video.

The Art Of Marketing Your Horse

Now a days there are hundreds of web sites to choose from when selling your horse. From free classifieds, to picture adds, even adds with videos are widely used now. Before you go ahead and advertise your horse learn more about the art of marketing your horse.

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