Owning Horses – The Costs…Oh My!

This is a post for those of you looking to get into horses and purchase your own horse. Because costs vary from location to location, I am going to outline what my own personal costs are.

Buying Horses In Europe Part II: Importing & Quarantine

You’ve gone to Europe, searched through over 20 some odd horses, you’ve been in the market for what seems like years and you’ve finally found him… The horse of your dreams! Now it’s time to send him home. Here’s what you need to consider when deciding to import a horse from Europe.

Looking to Buy a Horse in Europe

A few tips to finding the horse of your dreams! Assuming you’ve found an honest agent to take you to look at a minimum of 4 horses per day-there are several key qualities you can not forget to over look when finding the horse of your dreams in Europe.