Horses Trapped or Cast

Because the individual circumstances may vary so much with horses that are trapped or cast, it is difficult to outline a set of rules with would apply in all cases. In general, in all cases, you should remain calm and use common sense.

One of the most common and often less serious situations is when the horse becomes cast in his stall. In instances where this happens and his legs are free, the horse can usually be rolled over by looping a rope over a front or hind leg, or both when possible.

Horses that “Cast” Themselves

Have you ever walked through the barn, or maybe you just put your horse away in a freshly bedded stall, and suddenly you hear mad thrashing and banging around from the stall? Then when you look in the stall you see your horse flat on his back against the stall wall with his feet up in the air banging and scraping the wall as he tries to right himself to get up but cannot. Your horse has tried to roll and is now “cast” meaning he is stuck and unable to roll back to the side he started from and get his legs underneath him.