Starting The Young Horse – Common Sense Horsemanship – Day Three

Like the first day of introducing the saddle, I allow lots of alone time for the young horse. I wait until I see that he is relaxed and looking almost bored before I go in to work him.

Starting The Young Horse – Day II

Today begins with a re-peat of yesterday. The horse feels a bit more confident today and knows what is expected of him. The saddle is placed in the middle of the round pen, this is now nothing new. The pad is tossed around various areas of the body and the horse now realizes that there is nothing to fear. For the spooky ones expect a reaction as yesterday but shorter in time.

Commonsense Horsemanship – Starting The Young Horse – Day 1

When starting the young horse under saddle, it is hard to put a training technique into a box and say this is the way, the only way. No horse is the same as the other, just like no person is the same as the other. But, there is a common language that we all seem to understand, and I base my colt starting techniques on this principle.