Bleeding Hearts & Horses

Where you’ll find an animal you’ll find an animal activist. Whether at a rodeo, dressage show, or in the wild, you will find controversy. This is where kindness and reality collide. The line has been blurred between what is acceptable to do with our animals and what is not. What should be done and what shouldn’t. Mostly you will find one person’s ignorance, trying to save a horse who probably outside of the show ring lives a better life than us all.

Dressage Tips: How to Use Your Seat

In dressage, the seat is a very important aid. Learning to using your seat correctly creating an independent seat will open a whole new door to your riding. If you think of western riders particularly reiners, they do these amazing sliding stops right under their hind end. You don’t see them pulling on the reins, but rather ‘giving’ the reins into the stop. All too often especially with newer dressage rider they tend to ‘perch’ in the saddle much like a jumper rider. Dressage is about submission. How much the horse is engaged and through over its back is related to your seat and how you use it.

Dressage, A rich man’s sport

I got into dressage when I was really young. To tell you the truth I had no idea what it was I, don’t even think I had ever heard the term before in my life. I had been riding for only a year and was lucky enough that my parents were able to buy me my first horse. When my mom and I were out scouting for new barns we came across a dressage trainer who forever changed my life. I am now in my late 20′s and have only really ever done dressage. I will not take away its beauty and power as I do love it with all my heart. However, the sport has really changed. In the year 2000 I took a 6 year hiatus from riding altogether. When I came back I barley recognized the sport.

Buying Your First Horse – Tips

So you have taken some riding lessons, ideally you have even leased a horse or two, and are now ready to take the next step and buy your first horse. Before you take the plunge, there are some tips for buying your first horse that you should consider.