Young Horses & The First Three

Owning a young horse can be a very rewarding and exciting adventure. It is a chance to start fresh and have a clean slate to bring up and train the way you want. However, like a young child, horses have their own minds and ideas and they are also a product of their environment. It is easy to make impressions on a young horse good or bad, and these impressions can last a lifetime.

Over Imprinting The Young Horse

When it comes to training a horse there are many different theory’s and methods. Training in some cases is considered to start as soon as the foal hits the ground, this is called imprinting. It is thought that by exposing a young horse to various circumstances at a young age that it will make the training process smoother. Things like clipping, brushing, picking up feet are common practices used at a very young age. I do believe that for the most part all these things are positive and may actually have some sort of pay off at the end of the day but it is easy to over do it.