Thrush, Seedy Toe & Hoof Cracks

Thrush, seedy toe & hoof cracks are three ailments of the hoof that are very common among horses.


Thrush is a degenerative condition of the frog which results in the accumulation of black, foul smelling, moist material in the frog clefts. In the early stages, the horse is sound. If the condition is allowed to progress and extends into sensitive tissues the horse may become lame.

Hoof Issues: Thrush

We all cringe when we pick out our horses feet and smell that foul smell and see that icky black stuff in the cleft of the frog, blubs of the heel and elsewhere. No amount of digging with the pick seems to help, infact it seems to make it worse. What we have on our hands is thrush, and all we want is for it to go away once and for all.