Horses & Body language & Expressions

We all give off signs and signals with our bodies. Whether it be in the way we carry ourselves, or the way we talk, or the ‘look’ that we give, we use physical body language to determine a person’s nature, mood or personality. Like humans, horses possess different personalities, moods, emotions and talents. They communicate solely through their body language. You will hear great trainers say that it is the temperament of the horse that makes it great. Old cowboys will tell you it’s in the swirl. A horseman says it’s in their body and a great master will say it’s in their eyes.

Ulcers in Horses- Causes and Prevention

Is your horse generally healthy? Do you need to worry about your horse getting ulcers?

Ulcers are most commonly found in high performance horses, race horses and show horses. They can also be common in foals, especially those who have been sick and have had to be hospitalized. Not all stress to horses are caused by humans though.

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