To de-worm or not de-worm…..

There is a lot of information out there about which dewormer to use, which to stay away from or whether to deworm at all. Would a ‘natural’ dewormer such as diatomaceous earth do as well? Is natural better? I recall from wildlife medicine that the main disease problem of wildlife is parasitism. Do we want that for our fourlegged friends by going ‘natural’. Predation is also natural and I doubt anyone would accept that fate for their horse. Worms can and do cause serious, even fatal disease in horses.

Horses and Deworming

Your horse will probably get its first worm when still just a foal. This parasite is introduced to the foal’s digestive tract when swallowed, and once inside the young horse the parasite will develop within about 12 weeks. Begin your worming early and repeat as indicated by the veterinarian.