Ulcers in Horses- Causes and Prevention

Is your horse generally healthy? Do you need to worry about your horse getting ulcers?

Ulcers are most commonly found in high performance horses, race horses and show horses. They can also be common in foals, especially those who have been sick and have had to be hospitalized. Not all stress to horses are caused by humans though.

Gastric Stomach Ulcers in Horses

Much time is spent finding the winning combination of grain vs. hay to reach optimal levels of performance. With little room for error performance horses are kept in smaller paddocks vs. fields to hopefully cut down on the risk of injury. You’ve done everything right. You’ve worked hard, spent a lot of money to have your horse become the best that he can be. Somewhere along the lines we forget that a horse is a horse, and unintentionally cause our horses to develop gastric stomach ulcers.